The Swanage Railway Trust has since its inception had provision for appointment of Patrons, but until recently has not taken advantage of this. Many organisations appoint Patrons who by virtue of their standing in the community or the industry are able to help raise the profile of the project and act as ambassadors for it.

The Swanage Railway Trust is pleased to welcome four Patrons well known to the Railway and to the wider heritage movement – Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Sir William McAlpine, Alan Moore CBE and Sir Philip Williams.

Lord Montagu is perhaps best known at Swanage for his interest in signalling and his indefinite loan of the former Brockenhurst ‘B’ lever frame that now resides in Swanage box.  His family’s long term interest in trains, while not as well-known as the world-famous veteran and vintage car collection, is appreciated by enthusiasts who remember the home afforded at Beaulieu for many years of Southern Railway ‘Schools’ class ‘Stowe’, now resident on the Bluebell Railway.

Sir William McAlpine, part of the famous civil engineering family, is well known as a railway enthusiast and for his own standard gauge garden railway!  An avid supporter of the heritage railway movement, he most recently offered his advice and guidance during the repatriation of the Churchill van and Car 14, the latter of which he recalled from the time of his rescue of ‘Flying Scotsman’ from the quayside in San Francisco in the early 1970’s.

Alan Moore CBE has been a long standing supporter and benefactor of the Swanage Railway and indeed of many heritage railway projects around the country. A number of Swanage appeals have gained his support, but none more so than his role with the repatriation of Car 14 from the USA. This and its subsequent restoration which would not have been possible without his generosity.  Alan is also Chairman of the Bodmin and Wenford Railway, with whom we enjoy a close working relationship.

Sir Philip Williams is a former High Sheriff of Dorset – whose Victorian ancestors helped to bring and build the first railway line into the county from Hampshire during the 1840s. His great-grandfather was the longest-serving director of the London and South Western Railway Company until the company was merged into the new Southern Railway Company in 1923. Currently a Deputy Lieutenant for Dorset, Sir Philip was the High Sheriff of Dorset for a year from March, 2016, in a post created during the 16th century.




The Council of Management of the Swanage Railway Trust extends a warm welcome to them all.


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